About Us

About Us


Tucson Student Ministries was created by Erin Olson in April of 2021. After brainstorming and creating, Erin invited people to join her board of directors in June 2021. Our board of directors consists of Jason Anderson, President, Renee Ehler, Vice President, Michele McClellan, Treasurer, and Erin Olson, Secretary. In June 2021, they appointed Erin to be Executive Director for Tucson Student Ministries. They recruited friends and artists that they knew and began creating content for assemblies in June 2021. They had their first performance at the Reclaiming Hope Trauma Conference in October of 2021. By January of 2022 the team had around 18 active volunteers. Within their first year of operations they have been able to have two live performances, produce 6 podcasts, and a music video. They have partnered with Reclaimed Story Inc, Pantano Church, Hope Church and Empire High School. As their first year comes to an end, they are excited for what they can do to impact students next year.

The Science Behind What We Do

Why is our performing arts, performed by students for students?

Social norms theory states that much of people’s behavior is influenced by their perception of how other members of their social group behave. According to social norms theory, people tend to misperceive, i.e., exaggerate, the negative health behavior of their peers. If people think harmful behavior is typical, they are more likely to engage in that type of behavior.”

Why do we tell students about healthier options and coping instead of only condemning their behaviors?

Theory of Planned Behavior: the theory maintains that people will perform a health behavior if they believe that the advantages of the success outweigh the disadvantages of the failure., if they believe that other people with whom they are motivated to comply think they should perform the behavior, and if they have sufficient control over the internal and external factors that influence the attainment of the behavioral goal.”

Faith Based Ministry

We are founded on Christian principles. Because of this, the motivation behind TSM is to spread truth and practical information. We believe that the whole person is vital, so we want to help them practically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. If a student has a need like food insecurity, we want to get them connected with resources to help that. If a student expresses an interest in religion but feels lost, we want to get them connected to a leader in their corresponding religion. If a student feels anxious or depressed, we want to help give them tools to cope with their situation. If a student has an overwhelming trauma, we want to get them connected to a mental health specialist.

If a student feels like they are stuck in a hole, that student needs a ladder and not a lecture. We want to help give students tools and resources, so they can start living healthy lives at a young age. A student can't understand what God's love is, if you don't practically show them. We love and care for all students regardless of their race, religion, socioeconomic status, gender identification or sexual orientation.

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